Checklist Administrator:
Step 1: Assign an email address where all the app user daily checklists will be sent. This could be any email address such as a general email address your company has or a new email address that you create on your company’s email system. Alternatively, you can create an email address on GMAIL, YAHOO, MICROSOFT, or any other email service.
Step 2: Provide this email address from step 1 to all the app users to enter it in “Destination Checklist Email Address” in the App settings area.
Step 3: Ask the app users to download and install the free “C-Screener” App from Apple Store (iPhones) or from Google Play store (Android phones) and enter the email address provided in the “Destination Checklist Email Address” area.

App Users:
Step 1: Download and then install the free “C-Screener” App from Apple Store (iPhone) or Google’s Play store (Android phones).


Apple Store Google Play Store

Step 2: After installing the app, you will now be prompted to enter the various user information.


Step 3: Enter your name, your phone number, and your email address where you can be contacted in the event you have been accidentally exposed to someone with COVID-19 symptoms. These are required entries.

Step 4: Enter the “Destination Checklist Email Address” provided by your company in the indicated place. This is a required entry.

Step 5: If you choose, enter a Subject Suffix that will be added to the transmission Subject field. This is an optional entry.

Step 6: Tap the SAVE button. This will now create your default Profile List and app user.

Step 7: Before entering your workplace open the App, fill out the checklist, and then click Next. Please note, that having one or more symptoms will deny yourself access to your workplace.