COVID-19 Workplace Screening App Setup

This application is intended to streamline the process of screening for COVID-19 symptoms or exposure before someone is allowed entry into the workplace.


Step 1: Assign an email address where all the employee daily checklists will be sent. This could be any email address such as a general email address your company has or a new email address that you create on your company’s email system. Alternatively, you can create an email address on GMAIL, YAHOO, MICROSOFT, or any other email service.

Step 2: Provide this email address from step 1 to employees to enter it in “Destination Checklist Email Address” in the App settings area.

Step 3: Ask employees to download and install the free “C-Screener” App from Apple Store (iPhones) or from Google Playstore (Android phones) and enter the email address provided in the “Destination Checklist Email Address” area.


Step 1: Download and install the free “C-Screener” App from Apple Store (iPhone) or Google’s Playstore (Android phones).

Step 2: Enter your name and the email address where you can be contacted in the event you have been accidentally exposed to someone with COVID-19 symptoms.

Step 3: Enter the “Destination Checklist Email Address” provided by your company in the indicated place.

Step 4: Before entering your workplace open the App, fill out the checklist, and send it either using Email or Text.

Note: The preferred method of sending the checklist is by Email as it will allow your administrator to easily identify the sender. If for some reason you cannot send Email e.g. you do not use your smartphone for email, you can send the checklist by Text. In this case, your phone number will appear as the sender of the checklist.