Mobile Wireless Routers

Access to the Internet today has become an essential part of our connected world. Instant access or communication of vital information is now indispensable in our daily functions.

The Titan II family of In-Vehicle mobile wireless routers allows quick implementation of a mobile area network in and around a vehicle for use by various mobile devices to connect to the Internet. These mobile routers offer various different connectivity options such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB and Serial to attach to the mobile area network. Coupled with sensors like GPS, Temperature, Accelerometer they are enabling applications in public safety, fire & rescue, EMS, law enforcement, mobile office and many more.

The Titan II routers can be configured with a WiFi, 3G cellular or a combination of both for maximum flexibility in operations. They offer global compatibility with software configurable GSM or CDMA network connectivity from the same unit.

Titan Mobile Wireless Router

Titan II Mobile Router Adaptors:


Compact and light weight design for use in applications requiring connected devices (WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, Serial, and Ethernet.